fortune 500 meaning: What is a Fortune 200 company? How are they different from Fortune 500 companies?


Many executives tell us they feel their own companies do great CSR work but wish those efforts could extend into the core, adding meaning to the day-to-day experience of their employees and themselves. How do we deliver a sense of purpose across a wide range of environmental, social, and governance priorities? Doing so means moving from business as usual to a less traveled path that may feel like “painting outside the lines.” Are we going too far beyond our core mandate? Will our boards, management teams, employees, and stakeholders want to follow us, or will they think we have “lost the plot”?

They take shape most effectively when purpose connects with a company’s “superpower”—its unique ability to create value and drive progress across ESG themes. 82% of respondents reported that it is important to have a purpose, while 18% were neutral, disagreed, or strongly disagreed. The number of U.S. companies on the Fortune Global 500 fell to an all-time low in 2019, when only 121 U.S. companies made the list. When you have a Fortune 100 or Fortune 500 company, you get the benefit of name recognition and perception of a high-value company with the potential for high growth and profitability. This is a list of Women CEOs of the Fortune 500, based on the magazine’s 2021 list . A company that manages to find a place in Fortune 500 enjoys a sense of reputation in the market, and are considered to be of top-notch quality.

Academic and industry analysts also look to these businesses for information on best practices in different sectors, as well as the keys to their business and financial performance. The Fortune 500 is a ranking of the 500 largest companies in the United States based on gross sales for each fiscal year compiled by Fortune magazine. The Fortune 500 list was published in 1955 and includes public and private companies for which revenues are a Fortune editor.

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The role of the leader is first to inspire creative thinking about what makes you unique, how it links to purpose, and why it could be valuable—and then to encourage rigor in embedding it in your company’s core. As you strive to connect the superpower of your business with its impact on society, you’re likely to identify a rich constellation of potential purpose initiatives. Some are near-term win–wins, delivering immediate societal and financial benefits.


The Fortune 500 enlists the best 500 US firms based on the total revenues earned for the specific fiscal year. The list is released in Fortune Magazine, and published on a yearly basis. It considers including both public and private firms in its assessment. And a firm that qualifies to be included in the list of Fortune 500 creates its own reputation worldwide. Earlier, there was an ETF for keeping a track on the Fortune 500 firms.

Company Valuation

Fortune 50 companies are sorted into segments by market, industry and target audience to differentiate the best at what they do in specified areas. This helps investors determine where to spend money and buy stocks, as well as what kinds of markets see the best growth. The more well known and successful a firm is in a specified industry, the better the outcome for these organizations when ranked on the list.

These figures also account for approximately 18% of the gross world product. The corporations employ a total of 29.2 million people around the world, accounting for about 0.4 percent of the global population. The Fortune 1000 is an annual list of the 1000 largest companies measured by revenue compiled by the American magazine Fortune.

  • One of them could be described as vision, or more simply “big ideas,” which might be even more important than your current revenues.
  • In a world where, as McKinsey Global Institute research has shown, a majority of the next generation in advanced economies is “poorer than their parents,” the impact of such initiatives cannot be overstated.
  • In 1990, United States companies were added to compile a truly global list of top industrial corporations as ranked by sales.
  • You can make a case that the Fortune 500, by focusing on revenues rather than stock price or market cap, is a better indicator of the health of the economy.

Since the first time the list was published in 1955, the list has gone through some dramatic changes. Companies have been excluded from the list because of falling prey to bankruptcies, acquisitions, mergers, etc. Recession can also result in excluding many companies from different industries.

How did Apple score as the most admired company?

Three service companies that recently entered the industry ranked in the top 10 listings in the Fortune 500. Walmart ranked at 4, AT&T at 5, and Sears Roebuck & Co. at 9, and had such changes not made to the list in 1994, Walmart would have managed to retain its number 1 position on the list. The Fortune 500 is a list of the 500 largest corporations in the United States issued annually by Fortune magazine.

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The stock of a newly formed communications and entertainment conglomerate rose 6%, but fell 28% due to acquisition expenses, pension charges, and adjustments in the valuation of certain properties, among other items. When a company’s sales grow faster than the general economy in the market in which the firm works, the firm is clearly outperforming the market because of some process within the company. It could be because of the superior quality product or service, low-cost production or service delivery methods, excellent customer service, and support, or maybe the innovations in production and processing. By following the increase in a company’s sales, you can determine if the company is growing in point of fact. You can expect a company’s sales to grow during its healthy period of economic period.

If you, as a senior leader, have not been personally involved with supplier issues recently, go and see for yourself. You don’t need another report; you need deep conviction—either that your supply chain is healthy and sound today or that you have a plan to make it so tomorrow. You need to recognize your vulnerabilities in the eyes of society and tackle them.

Another is your company’s ability to retain and develop its best people, a priority that many companies claim, but few really excel. The most important of all, of course, is continued, strong growth year after year and decade after decade. No matter how many other things you do right or wrong, at the end of the day it takes a lot of sustained growth to make the list. Included in the running for the top 500 are public companies that are headquartered and incorporated in the United States, all of which must file financial statements with a government agency.

Important stats to know for Fortune 500

The Fortune 500 list indicates how strongly the economy is operating, or if the economy has recovered or improved after performing badly. The Fortune 500 is an annual ranking of the 500 largest US corporations based on total sales for the previous fiscal year. Being included on the Fortune 500 is seen as respectable, as companies on the list are thought to be of high quality. Since 1955, the Fortune 500 has published a ranking of the most successful businesses. Companies that are established and operate in the United States and file financial statements with government authorities are included in the Fortune 500 survey.

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Reputation can impact the value of a company and should be carefully monitored and managed . Above all, do you understand what your employees care about—their sources of meaning, aspirations, and anxieties around social issues? Many CEOs are concerned that the majority of their employees are not actively engaged. What would it take for employees to bring enthusiasm, creativity, and collaboration to work, in addition to discipline? Connecting your people’s individual purpose with organizational purpose is the critical link. An Asian insurer provides explicit space in its leadership programs to reflect on this connection.

On the most recent Fortune 500 list, DCX Technology had the largest rank rise, jumping 252 positions. The total revenue of the Fortune 500 firms in 2019 was $13.7 trillion (roughly two-thirds of the U.S. GDP). Covering a wider range of companies, the Russell 1000 index tracks the top stocks of the Russell 3000. It focuses on the market capitalization of the top 1000 companies in the U.S. The Fortune 500 list overshadows the Fortune 1000 list in part because of the near-constant change of lower-level companies on the 1000 list. Have you ever wondered how many Fortune 500 companies are in your state?


The Fortune 500 is more commonly used than the Fortune 100 and the Fortune 1000. The original Fortune 500 was limited to companies whose revenues were derived from manufacturing, mining, and energy exploration. At the same time, Fortune published companion “Fortune 50” lists of the 50 largest commercial banks , utilities , life insurance companies , retailers and transportation companies . Fortune magazine changed its methodology in 1994 to include service companies. With the change came 291 new entrants to the famous list including three in the Top 10. There is a lag in creating the list, so for example, the 2019 Fortune 500 is based on each company’s financial years ending in late 2018 , or early 2019.

Bringing in revenues between approximately $31.9 billion and $514.4 billion in 2019, Fortune 100 companies are among the best on the Fortune 500 list. You can view these 100 companies and their financial data on the Fortune website. The Fortune 500 is issued by Fortune Magazine, and represents the biggest 500 U.S. firms positioned on the basis of total revenues for respective fiscal years.


The Fortune 500 ranks the highest revenue-generating companies in the United States each year. To be eligible, companies must employ at least 1,000 employees, and government agencies are not applicable. The Fortune 100 is a list of the top 100 companies in the United States within the Fortune 500, a list of the 500 largest U.S. public and privately held companies published by Fortune magazine.

It has long been the method of choice for figuring out a company’s rating based on factors like high revenue, enormous net income, and asset ownership. McKesson is a pharmacy distribution company that also offers health information technology, medical equipment, and care management software. McKesson is a Texas-based company that sells healthcare systems, medical equipment, and pharmaceuticals.

A fortune 500 meaning compiled and published annually by Fortune magazine of the 500 largest publicly-traded and closely held companies in the United States. The Fortune 500 measures “largeness” by revenue minus excise taxes; that is, a company with larger revenue is listed higher on the Fortune 500, regardless of other measures such as profit margin. When Fortune determines which companies to add to the Fortune 500 list, it looks at the results of private and public companies across various industries within the United States and ignores foreign subsidiaries. The company criteria have changed since just a few decades ago when only energy, manufacturing or mining companies qualified for the Fortune ranking.

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